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January Insider Pro Meetup


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Topic: Hiring and Retention
Let’s talk about staffing. Hiring and retention has a tremendous impact on your business. Connect with experts and colleagues in your Insider Pro community on what is working, what isn’t and steps to take in the New Year for the Best Part of Travel.

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The Arival Expert Network

Learn, listen, share, and grow with our Arival Experts – The Network is comprised of a group of experienced experts in the In-Destination industry. Most of them are CEOs and directors of their companies and love to help operators of tours, activities, attractions, and experiences grow their business.

Connect Across the Industry

It’s not what you know; it’s who you know. Ok, it’s probably both, but who you know certainly counts for a lot! Arival attracts the brightest minds and innovative brands from across our industry. Connect and build relationships with industry leaders, experts and peers, exchange expertise and knowledge, trade tips, find new business opportunities, and create those mystical ‘synergies’ we all know can take a business to the next level.


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