In-Depth Insights for the Best Part of Travel: Tours, Activities & Attractions

The Experience Revolution: Global Market Sizing Forecasting and Trends

The in-destination industry – creators and sellers of activities, tours, and attractions – has been undergoing enormous change. The digital revolution that has transformed most of travel has now swept through travel’s third-largest sector.

In 2020, the global public health crisis of COVID-19 has brought travel – and the growth of this industry – to a screeching halt. Now more than ever, our industry needs insights to understand our marketplace and where it’s headed.

Based on a survey of 7,000 operators, hundreds of interviews and the most expansive data collection and analysis ever undertaken for our industry, this first in a series of reports from Arival’s Experience Revolution presents key findings essential for every operator, sellers and interested player and observer in travel’s third-largest and most dynamic sector.

Welcome to the Experience Revolution: Arival’s Global Operator Landscape.


Research Reports

New Research: Arival’s Coronavirus Pulse Report

The impact of the pandemic on tour, activity and attraction operators and how they are responding








Arival Guide: The U.S. Attraction Traveler

New Arival report on U.S. attractions travelers illuminates booking patterns, drivers of attractions choices, booking channel and much more. 








Arival Guide: Inside the Mind of the Modern Tour Taker

This report delves deeply into the mind of the modern day-tour taker, looking at who they are, what they want, how they find and book, and more. Use this report to help inform your decisions around building and marketing your tours and experiences.


Presentation: 7 Digital Traveler Trends for Adventure Activities & Recreations

This short slidedeck features the top seven trends outfitters of adventure experiences and active recreations must know to grow their business in 2020. From the importance of mobile bookers to Google’s big plans for selling activities, this easy-to-read presentation walks through the essential trends operators should know to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction.


Arival's Guide to Digital Distributors

Digital continues to change how travelers find and book tours and activities, and today’s operators need access to more online tools and sales opportunities than ever. Online travel agencies (OTAs) and other digital distributors have been a big part of that change. So as we approach Arival Berlin 2020, we present our updated Arival Guide to Digital Distributors.

This second edition serves as a directory of more than 115 companies reselling tours, activities, attractions, events or experiences online.


Presentation: Travel’s Next Big Thing

This presentation walks through the key drivers and changes underway in tours, activities and attractions, featuring exclusive research on what travelers want, how they shop and book, and what it means for the broader travel and tourism industry.


Arival Guide: Digital Distributors in Asia You Should Know

One of Arival’s most popular reports ever was our Almost Ultimate Directory of Digital Distributors, published in 2018. As we began preparing for the first Arival Asia Pacific in Bangkok, 24-26 June 2019, we learned about many new companies in the Asia Pacific region. We’re thrilled to present Arival Guide: Digital Distributors to

Know in Asia, consisting of companies who have a focus on selling tours, activities, attractions, events or experiences across the region or to Asian travelers.


What’s Next for Tours & Touring? New Research from Arival & Context Travel

Two transformative trends are driving a renaissance in tours. The first is the influx of new tour companies, concepts and experiences that are enticing travelers and redefining the very nature of “tour” in tourism. The second is the rapid growth in independent travel..


DMOs and the In-Destination Industry

Presentation – March 2019

Find out how and why destination marketing organizations (DMOs) are in the perfect position to play a key role in supporting the marketing efforts and partnership initiatives of operators of tours, activities and attractions. This short presentation presents key insights on the opportunity for DMOs (destination marketing organizations) to organize tour, activity and attraction operators to better serve their destinations. Presented at the Southeast Tourism Society Connections Conference in March, 2019.


Closing the Digital Gap: Tour & Activity Booking in Europe

Arival Guide – February 2019

This Arival Guide, presented with bookingkit, delves into the European traveler’s path to purchase for the things they do in their destination.  Learn about the role of activities and tours in trip planning; how, where and when European travelers research and book and how it’s changing; and key insights for operators as they strategize to win Europe’s new digital traveler.


Event Horizon: The Role of Performing Arts & Sporting Events in Travel and Tourism

Arival Guide – November 2018

This Arival Guide, presented with Ticket Evolution, presents an in-depth picture of events and how they factor into the overall decision-making of the U.S. traveler.  Learn about the important role events have in travel; how travelers plan and book events; and how travel brands can capitalize on the U.S. event travel opportunity.


Working with OTAs: How to Drive More Bookings, Make More Money and Not Lose Your Shirt

Arival Guide – August 2018

Learn all the ins and outs of working with OTAs.  This is a playbook for how to assess whether an OTA relationship is right for your business and how to make the OTA work for you.  Walk away with Seven Strategic Takeaways for and OTA relationship.


2018 State of In-Destination: A Multi-Market Study of Traveler Attitudes, Ambitions and Behaviors for Tours, Activities, Attractions and Events

Presentation – October 2018

Arival undertook a massive multi-market survey to understand what travelers want and how they choose what to do in-destination.  Enjoy this short presentation of key insights presented at Arival 2018 in Las Vegas.


Airbnb Experiences: A No-Nonsense Guide to Help Tour & Activity Operators Assess Whether Airbnb is Right for Them

Arival Guide – September 2018

With its reach, Airbnb deserves some consideration as an added distribution channel for tour and activity operators.  However, Airbnb operates differently for other OTAs – meaning it requires some understanding of what they want and how it works.  This Arival Guide explains what types of activities Airbnb is looking for and helps you decide whether listing your “experience” is a good fit for your business.  You’ll also learn how to apply and what results you can expect – all the information you need to get started.


The Almost Ultimate Directory of Digital Distributors for Tours, Activities and Attractions

Arival Guide – August 2018

The list of online travel resellers in Tours, Activities and Attractions is long and constantly changing.  Arival has compiled a list of more than 60 companies selling Tours, Activities and Attractions online or electronically through partners.  It’s imperfect, but still a great starting place to understand the landscape, and hunt for new distribution partners.


Arival Summer Pulse: U.S. Travelers’ 2018 Summer Plans for Tours, Activities & Attractions in 10 Charts

Arival Guide – June 2018

Arival took the pulse of the U.S. travelers 2018 summer vacation plans.  In 10 charts you will learn what Tours, Activities & Attractions the U.S. traveler is including in their summer vacation plans and when they plan to book.


Current Research Projects


The Global Operator Landscape:

The Global Operator Landscape is a major supply-side study covering attractions, day tour operators and activity providers. This will be the most extensive study of the sector ever conducted.

The focus is on how digital and distribution are changing marketing, operations and delivery for the In-Destination Industry. Our objectives are to:

  • Size the global operator market

  • Develop key insights and trends on distribution, tech adoption, marketing and operations

  • Provide essential performance and marketing benchmarks for operators

  • Assess operator preparedness for future trends

  • Deliver as much analysis by various industry segments, including operator type (tour, activity, attraction, etc.) and geography

Participating with Arival in this study is an opportunity for your company to acquire valuable strategic insights, benefit with branding visibility, provide valuable insights for operators, and help advance our industry. 


Interested in the sector? Want to do research? Or have feedback on one of our studies? We’d love to hear from you: