In-Depth Insights for the Best Part of Travel: Tours, Activities & Attractions

The in-destination industry – the activities, tours, attractions and events that travelers do when they get there – represents travel’s third-largest and fastest growing sector.  Long underserved by traditional travel research, operators of in-destination experiences need insights and intelligence that is directly applicable to their businesses and their customers.

Led by an experienced team of industry researchers, Arival Research provides consumer and industry insights that help creators and sellers of Tours, Activities, Attractions and Events understand their market and customers, identify key trends and opportunities, and plan for the journey ahead.

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Arival Guide: Working With OTAs

How to Drive More Bookings, Make More Money and Not Lose Your Shirt

Learn all the ins and outs of working with OTAs.  This is a playbook for how to assess whether an OTA relationship is right for your business and how to make the OTA work for you.  Walk away with Seven Strategic Takeaways for and OTA relationship.

Research Insights (Free Report Downloads)

How To Win Europe’s Digital Travelers: Insights from Arival & bookingkit at Arival Berlin & ITB

It’s no secret that online booking in the tours and activities segment of the travel industry is well below that of flights and hotels.


What’s Next for Tours & Touring? New Research from Arival & Context Travel

Two transformative trends are driving a renaissance in tours. The first is the influx of new tour companies, concepts and experiences that are enticing travelers and redefining the very nature of “tour” in tourism.


Ticketing Tech: The State of – and Outlook for – Attractions Technology and Distribution

This Arival Guide goes deep into the tech powering ticketing across the global attractions landscape, the challenges they face, the key trends driving the sector forward, and the outlook for a travel technology niche that has been overlooked.


Just 1% of Travelers Book Event Tickets on Travel Sites

Catching an unforgettable concert, seeing the hottest Broadway show, or finally taking in a game at a stadium you’ve always dreamed of checking out. Events are an important driver of the decisions travelers make.


Airbnb Experiences: A No-Nonsense Guide to Help Tour & Activity Operators Assess Whether Airbnb is Right for Them

With its reach, Airbnb deserves some consideration as an added distribution channel for tour and activity operators.  However, Airbnb operates differently for other OTAs – meaning it requires some understanding of what they want and how it works.  This Arival Guide explains what types of activities Airbnb is looking for and helps you decide whether listing your “experience” is a good fit for your business.  You’ll also learn how to apply and what results you can expect – all the information you need to get started.


What Your Customers Want: In-Destination Traveler Trends

The In-Destination Industry – Tours, Activities, Attractions & Events – is travel’s third-largest sector by spend. It represents everything travelers do in-destination, when they get there.


Sorry Flights & Hotels, but It’s Events and Activities that Drive Travel

At Arival we’ve always said Tours, Activities & Attractions are the Best Part of Travel. But they are also a huge driver of travel. In fact, they are more important to travelers than other components. And it’s not us saying that. It’s travelers!


What Do Your Customers Want? New Consumer Trends Research from Arival

Every business needs to understand its customers. It’s especially hard in our industry because there has been very little research on how travelers think about and book Tours, Activities & Attractions.


The Almost Ultimate Directory of Digital Distributors for Tours, Activities & Attractions

The list of online travel resellers in Tours, Activities & Attractions is long and constantly changing. At Arival we’ve been hard at work compiling them. So here is your compendium of more than 60 companies selling online or electronically through partners. It’s imperfect, but still a great starting place to understand the landscape, and hunt for new distribution partners.


Current Research Projects


Attractions 2.0: 

How Digital, Tech & Distribution is Changing Tours & Activities’ Most Important Sector

Arival’s Attractions 2.0 Study provides a deep dive into the distribution and the state of connectivity for the global attractions sector.  It will determine who’s doing it – and doing it well – among tech vendors and attractions.  This study will identify the systems used, the state of mobile sales and ticketing, pricing and yield management practices, and the key attitudes, challenges and priorities for tech and distribution for the attractions sector.


Operator Insights: APAC

Key Trends and Challenges for Operators of Tours, Activities, Attractions and Events

Arival’s Operator Insights Study explores the business issues, challenges and trends for operators of Tours, Activities, Attractions and Events across the Asia and South Pacific region.  This study assesses the readiness of operators to support the rising global traveler.  Partners of this study will gain valuable insights to help capitalize on the rapidly growing Asian travel market and learn the best practices around technology, marketing, guest experience to better meet the demands in the Asian market.


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