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How can reopening go smoothly, quickly, and, most of all, profitably? bookingkit provides the ultimate guide for tours, activities & attractions.
From enhancing your offer to keeping potential customers on your site, here’s a quick guide to optimize your booking flow.
In the modern travel customer journey, the internet plays a central role. From the dreaming stage to the booking phase, travelers from all over the world rely on search engines to make decisions related to their trips.
Despite the news this week, that the booking function will be wound down. Steve Jackson of tours and activities technology provider Toristy says operators shouldn’t give up on Reserve with Google (RwG).
No matter how good your website may be, your customers will always have questions. Live chat can be a crucial feature to help your visitors get answers quickly and help you turn those lookers into bookers. This article shows it’s not hard to do, and lists a few key vendors.
This guide explains how a blog can help your tours and activity business and gives three easy steps on how to get started.
See the pitch from the journalist’s point of view. Ken Scott is the founder of ScottAsia Communications, a PR and media relations firm will help show us how.
On the verge of “the great travel re-start” maybe it’s time we re-shape the way we look at Affiliate Travel Programs. One small adventure outfitter in Costa Rica is doing just that.
Even though Arival’s survey shows that most businesses in our industry have reopened and even with a vaccination campaign in place, 2021 will be a year where operators will keep struggling with low attendance numbers.

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