The move by one of the largest tour and activity companies signals the their intent to become not just a leading city cruise operator, but a global experiences brand. Expect more acquisitions, and more M&A overall as our industry remakes itself post-Covid.
We hear from three operators in varying degrees of planning and development for their summer seasons.
No matter how good your website may be, your customers will always have questions. Live chat can be a crucial feature to help your visitors get answers quickly and help you turn those lookers into bookers. This article shows it’s not hard to do, and lists a few key vendors.
Get ready for another big shift in how tours, activities, and attractions are listed on Google. The search engine is winding down the booking option to shift towards an advertising-focused model similar to Google Hotels.
This guide explains how a blog can help your tours and activity business and gives three easy steps on how to get started.
As of now, not much, but it is still early days for the subscription concept in travel.
See the pitch from the journalist’s point of view. Ken Scott is the founder of ScottAsia Communications, a PR and media relations firm will help show us how.
On the verge of “the great travel re-start” maybe it’s time we re-shape the way we look at Affiliate Travel Programs. One small adventure outfitter in Costa Rica is doing just that.
Since March 2020, Arival has been tracking the pandemic’s impact and outlook for our industry. Take a few minutes to complete our latest trends survey on recovery and planning for 2021-2022.
Interviews with UA partners and Intrepid Group CEO James Thornton make it clear: the end of the brand’s franchise model signals a humbler, tougher era ahead as operators small and large face tough decisions to survive – and revive.