Team Arival

The report from Business Insider says the company has raised another €80 million.
How your content can inspire travelers to book your experience.
We recommend reading this deep dive into the personalization and commodification of food experiences.
Would these new tech tools help your business grow?
Responsible for building Arival’s global brand by helping create, manage and execute marketing strategy.
We’ll dive in and pull no punches as we talk tech and what it means to you with the CEOs of four reservation system companies.
Amy Koren Roth sat down in our studio to share business ideas with the Arival community, tune in as she talks about being an ambassador for her destination.
Ingrid Edstrom shares with us the importance of your booking software integrating with your accounting software for accuracy and efficiency. Listen in!
Maurits Mannaert tells us about how to view your competition and work together for the betterment of the destination. Take a look!
Ana Araque explains how tour operators are waking up to the trend of creating experiences over tours.

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