Amber Rittinger

Co-founder & CEO

BeWild! Adventures & Wellness

About Me

Awarded Vancouver, B.C.’s top Airbnb Experience host in 2019, Amber has a love for nature and the beautiful landscape of the place she calls home. With a passion for sharing these places and their stories, she co-founded BeWild! Adventures & Wellness in 2015 with the goal of making nature more accessible, no matter your fitness level by providing small group and private tours that leave guests feeling like they’ve been exploring with friends.

When Airbnb Experiences launched in B.C. in 2017, their values and missions were so aligned with BeWild’s that it seemed meant to be. In just two short years (pre-Covid) Amber hosted over 1000 guests and maintained a 4.94-star rating with over 500 reviews.

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