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Robert sat down with Tourpreneur Host Shane Whaley, and shares more with us about how Bindlestiff Tours create truly immersive experiences on their multi-day tours.
This candid interview will delve into how Airbnb is working with operators and next steps for the accommodation company.
This candid interview will delve into how Airbnb is working operators, and we’ll ask their head North America the questions you need answered to see if you should be working with them.
Online travel agents (OTAs) can be important tools to help operators widen the reach of their tour, activity or attraction. While operators often prefer direct website bookings to avoid commission fees that most OTAs require, distributors can help travelers from across the globe and the next street over alike book memorable things to do.
Lien Nguyen, founder of I Love Asia Tour based in Vietnam, talks about how her work helps empower women in Southeast Asia.
Douglas Quinby delivers an overview of the key trends and issues shaping The Best Part of Travel in Asia and what’s ahead for creators and sellers of tours, activities, and attractions.
Klook has in just a few short years grown to become a leading online travel agency (OTA) for tours and activities across Asia. Now, with a $500 million war chest, they have big plans for global expansion.
Asia’s iconic low-cost carrier has been methodically, if not so quietly, plotting to win big in tours, activities and attractions.
Distribution dynamics in tours, activities and attractions are rapidly changing. Online travel agencies (OTAs) are growing fast, raising lots of capital, acquiring reservation systems and driving all sorts of innovations.
Most tour and activity operators start with passion and follow their instinct and expertise to design great guest experiences. Tomorrow’s operators will use data analysis and careful customer observations to design experiences of the future.