Meet the Team

Douglas Quinby

Co-founder & CEO

Douglas partnered with Alex and Bruce on Arival to fill the huge void in insights, information and conferences for travel’s third-largest sector, Tours, Activities & Attractions. A 20-year travel industry veteran, Douglas has held various roles in marketing, media and research, most recently as Senior Vice President, Research, at Phocuswright, the leading travel industry research firm. He designed and led numerous seminal studies while at Phocuswright, including on Tours, Activities & Attractions, and lead programing for the Phocuswright Conference, long the bellwether event for online travel. He’s a sought-after keynote speaker on travel, tourism, technology and distribution. Douglas has presented at numerous travel industry events worldwide to both tepid and thunderous applause. You can see all of the important/boring details on LinkedIn.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

Anything with his boys, one of whom prefers that it involves dinosaurs, when possible. The picture shows the Quinby family at the World’s Largest Dinosaur, in Drumheller, Alberta, Canada.

Bruce Rosard

Co-founder & COO

Bruce started his career in the travel industry when he founded Moguls Mountain Travel, a leading ski tour operator in the 80’s, 90’s and early 00’s. Combining his passion for skiing and the mountains with his entrepreneurial spirit, Moguls was a dream job. In 1994, Bruce “discovered” the Internet and digital marketing for travel became his next big thing. After selling Moguls, Bruce joined Phocuswright as head of sales and marketing. It was there that he met Douglas and started collaborating together on a variety of projects, including the seminal study for the tours and activities industry, Douglas created the project, did the research and analysis and Bruce found the partners ready to step up and fund it. The rest is history, culminating in the creation of Arival with Douglas and Alex. Bruce keeps his interest in the ski industry by producing the Forum at the Mountain Travel Symposium, the leading B2B event for ski resorts and destinations. Bruce is an active start-up advisor. See more on LinkedIn.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

I have to admit, Harry Potter World at Universal in Orlando blew me away. Both of my boys are Harry Potter fans and even though I have not read all of the books or seen all the movies, I was amazed at how authentic the place was (especially for a place that doesn’t really exist!). For me personally, anything on a mountain bike or skiing any mountain keeps me smiling.

Alex Kremer

Co-founder & Advisor

Alex co-founded Arival with Douglas & Bruce to provide insights, knowledge and networking for the hundreds of thousands of experience providers around the world. An eight-year veteran of Tours, Activities & Attractions, Alex is also co-founder and Vice President Product at Redeam, a channel sales platform serving the sector. He was previously Senior Vice President of Partnerships at Nor1, a leading hospitality merchandising provider. He joined Nor1 after it acquired Flextrip, a B2B tours & activities distribution network he co-founded. Alex is a 15-year veteran of technology startup companies, previously co-founding Cruvee, a business intelligence company for the wine industry where he led Business Development. Prior to that, he co-founded FanAxis, one of the world’s first fan club management and merchandising firms in the music and entertainment industries. Alex is based in Boulder, Colorado.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

I’m an avid traveler and have been lucky to experience a lot of unique activities around the world. One of my favorite experiences has been sailing the Gulf of Thailand and visiting the numerous small islands around the region.

Lynne Fetterman

Director of Operations

Lynne is a serial entrepreneur and compulsive organizer. With nearly 30 years of experience in operations management and organizational systems, 25 plus years in the travel industry, and hundred of destinations visited in her journeys, she brings a skill set both broadly applicable and weirdly specific to Arival.  

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

The baths in Budapest, a river boat up the Amazon, a hut on the top of Pod Rysy on the Poland-Slovak border, the great pyramid at Giza, kayaking in Alaska, the market in Istanbul… all make my list. I love the diversity the world offers. Perhaps my favorite is yet to come!

Ella Sopp

Business Development Manager

Ella hails from a successful 10+ year career in travel technology media sales. Starting with a role at the Business Travel Show she was quickly promoted to run sales at Travel Technology Europe trade show and conference in London. Since then she has spent the last 4 years at tnooz, selling complex thought leadership and product driven initiatives like white papers, webinars and hackathons. Finding the tours and attractions space particularly interesting, she then provided some EMEA intel for Arival partner, Redeam. This gave her an ‘under the bonnet’ understanding of how this particular space works and the kinds of challenges which drive the industry. Outside of Arival she is a mother of one energetic and happy little girl, a professional vocalist with a love for music, languages, the great outdoors, yoga & travel of course.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

The British Museum, never ceases to amaze me – just so much rich history inside those walls, plus I used to want to be an Egyptologist! Recently, the baths in Hungary were incredible. My partner and I often travel for gigs and work, and I’m a huge fan of hop-on hop-off sightseeing buses when strapped for time to take in a city.

Tara Villalobos

Event Planner, IAEE Member

Tara resides in a city known for its hospitality-with large hotels, extravagant entertainment, and gambling- Las Vegas! She has a background in special events that started in San Diego and moved with her to Las Vegas, where she then worked to organize and manage special events for political and non-profit events. Having joined Arival in event management for Las Vegas 2018, she continues to bring her experience, event leadership and planning skills supporting Arival’s mission to advance the Tours, Activities and Attractions industry.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

I love ‘stranger things’, so weird and unique. One of the most memorable tours I experienced was in London. It was a ‘Jack the Ripper’ tour; an after dark and underground exploration of parts of London that should only be experienced and seen at night. From dark alleyways and haunted residences to the London Eye, the tour was a fun and unique way to learn part of London’s past. Pretty much any destination I travel to, I look for those unique (and slightly weird) experiences.

Anne Failing

Research Analyst

Anne has been working in the tourism industry for over a decade.  Prior to joining Arival, she worked as a market research consultant with a focus on the ski industry and economic development in mountain communities.  As a lead analyst, she has developed projects that focus on product development, revenue management, strategic planning and market specific targeting decisions within the travel industry.  See the rest on LinkedIn.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

My wanderlust has exposed me to a myriad of experiences,so it is hard to choose a favorite.  Some of my most memorable experiences are skiing steep couloirs in La Grave, France, tasting my way around Istanbul on an epic food tour, watching villagers in rural Pac Ngoi, Vietnam tend their rice fields and walking through history in the trenches of the Western Front and the beaches of the Norman Invasion.

Shawn Teasley

Social Media Manager

Shawn started her career in hotel sales and marketing in Chicago and worked in multiple four-diamond hotels.  Her passion for fantastic events led to working for a nationwide wedding photography, (start-up) company and opening many new markets.  Her passions for marketing and travel have collided in the space of social media management for travel businesses. After studying abroad in college, Shawn set a personal goal called: THE 50/50/50 (to visit 50 countries and all 50 states by the time she turns 50 years old).  To say the least, travel is a true delight for her.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

This is a toss-up between a two-week Flotilla adventure where my husband and I sailed our own boat around the Ionian Sea in Greece or a customized 2-day wine tasting tour in Mendoza, Argentina (love Malbec).  It seems each new trip challenges the old trip’s hold on “favorite.”

Cathy Walsh

Research Analyst

Cathy has been studying the global travel industry for nearly two decades. An aspiring professor in her early years, she earned an MA in English literature before defecting to apply her love of writing and research to travel. After beginning her career as editor of a travel distribution newsletter, she has worked for many years as a research analyst (and sometime marketing writer) for the travel industry research firm Phocuswright. She has contributed to a broad range of research efforts, including key studies focused on the tours, activities and attractions segment. When she isn’t researching travel or chasing her young children, Cathy enjoys creating fiction set in interesting destinations.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

Over the past few years, I’ve enjoyed visiting dozens of indoor playgrounds, spraygrounds and museums, where I love to watch my three boys play and experience new things. Highlights on my own travels include a visit to Virginia Woolf’s Monks House in England and an overnight camping tour on Australia’s Fraser Island.

Justin Sutton

Marketing Manager

Justin comes to Arival from FareHarbor and is incredibly passionate about the travel industry. Having visited 80% of America’s National Parks before graduating high school, you could say it’s in his blood. He is also an eCommerce nerd and loves to help businesses optimize their online presence and sales funnels. Justin is based in Denver, Colorado and you can check out more on LinkedIn.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

In college, I was a white water rafting and rock-climbing guide in Gunnison/Crested Butte, CO. There is nothing quite as adrenaline pumping for me as cascading down white water hoping you make it out the other side. But a close 2nd is canyoneering and exploring slot canyons in Southern Utah.

Diane Merlino


Diane has spent a few decades as a journalist happily dedicated to covering the travel industry. That includes creating and launching new digital and print publications, editing, people and project management, and interviewing for and writing all manner of content from blogs to 60-page research papers covering various aspects of leisure and business travel; details are on my LinkedIn Profile! She particularly loves the opportunity to interview (translated, talk with and get to know) and write about the many passionate, smart and unique folks that populate the industry in general and the tours, activities and attractions segment in particular. As an editor for, she plans on doing a lot of that! In her other life Diane is a singer, songwriter and screen and theatrical actor.

Favorite Tour, Activity or Attraction

Anything that gets me in close contact with artists/creators and up-close encounters with the natural world. I loved an activity in Cuba focused on a vocal performance by youth and discussion with the artists afterward, a day-long hiking excursion led by a naturalist in hidden meadows in Alaska, a tour of an all-women’s paper factory in the Dominican Republic that included taking a turn at making paper. I look forward to more, more, more!