Founders’ Letter

Why Travel Needs Arival

A Letter from the Founders of Arival: The In-Destination Event

September 24-27, 2018, in Las Vegas, Nevada

Anyone who works in travel and tourism today could spend just about every working day going to one industry conference or another. And yet the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry has all but ignored tours, activities, events and attractions. It is these experiences (not flights, not hotels) which inspire travel in the first place. It is these experiences which create our trip memories with family and friends. It is these experiences that comprise the Best Part of Travel.

The Best Part of Travel deserves its own event, one dedicated to the unique challenges facing operators of tours, activities, attractions and events for travelers. So in 2017 we founded Arival, and the response from the industry was overwhelming, with nearly 600 attendees. They loved it. Take their word for it.

Here is why travel needs Arival:

1) The global marketplace for in-destination experiences is big: nearly $150 billion in traveler spend worldwide. It’s travel’s third-largest sector, and the fastest growing.

2) Technology is bringing rapid change. Many innovative startups are bringing affordable, modern reservations and distribution tech to tens of thousands of suppliers. They are laying the foundation for what will be huge growth for online and mobile commerce.

3) Mobile is transforming how travelers decide what to do when they get there. The old days and old ways of ticket offices, wholesalers, and brochures just doesn’t cut it.

4) There is no event that meets the needs of the thousands of small and medium size businesses that serve the traveler in-destination.Sightseeing tours, attractions, activities – these are not airlines or hotels. They face very distinct challenges to marketing, distribution, technology, fulfillment, and more.

Arival is dedicated to advancing the business of creating amazing in-destination experiences, through inspiration, education, business development and community. The Arival program focuses on what matters most to the modern provider of tours, activities and attractions: technology, marketing, product innovation, business development, distribution, and more.

Our promise to attendees is a program that matters to your business, and an event that assembles our industry’s brightest minds, serves its needs and celebrates its impact.

Join us in September in Las Vegas, and join us in our mission to establish Tours, Activities & Attractions as the major sector of the global travel, tourism and hospitality industry that it already is.

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Alex Kremer, Douglas Quinby & Bruce Rosard

The Founders

Arival was founded by three experienced leaders in travel and tourism with a passion for the best part of travel (the stuff that happens when you get there).