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Jeremiah Calvino is a marketing and digital strategist who works with leading tour and attraction companies worldwide. He combines over 20 years of experience in marketing with a passion for the industry that led him to found Blend Marketing in 2010. Jeremiah specializes in branding, website design, booking engines, media strategy, advertising, SEO, and PPC.

Curiosity and discovery are at the core of his DNA – he loves to explore, whether it is a new museum in Chicago (his hometown), a new targeting feature on YouTube, or new sights and sounds while sipping lemonade on the streets of Kuala Lumpur. It brings him great joy to travel with his family and share connections with people around the world.

Endless optimism serves as the foundation for Blend’s team of marketing experts that lead with kindness, honesty, and passion – both for each other and their clients. The team at Blend works closely with leaders of activity and tour companies to align strategy, branding, and marketing to foster growth and profitability.

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