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Founder & Director at Hidden Secrets Tours

Hidden Secrets Tours

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Born and bred in Melbourne, Fiona couldn’t wait to leave in her early 20’s. To France, Europe, to travel, see history, culture! Never thinking of what her own city had to offer.

Returning to Australia and enjoying a decade in the fashion industry, she started the original laneways walking tour in Melbourne in 2004 and thus her company Hidden Secrets Tours.

Celebrating 15 years of her business this year, Fiona has a team of 12, who specialise in premium small group walking tour experiences.

Having not studied tourism or marketing, Fiona and her team have moulded a leading company in a competitive landscape, where sustainable employment, supporting local trading partners and industry participation inspire momentum.

Fiona’s focus on sensory experiences in urban environments where context and human engagement are the hero’s has enabled her and her business to consult to various industries from urban planners, strategic tourism marketers, and various government departments.

For Fiona the importance of organic human experiences is so important, and she is excited to engage in the future proofing of the industry, its career opportunities and guide training excellence.

Fiona is the Tour and Transport Committee chair, and board member at the Victoria Tourism Industry Council.
Her passion for making the city engaging to all is the reason why she sits on the Melbourne City Council disability Committee, and Victorian Cultural Tourism board, has been on the committee for Professional Tour Guides Association of Australia and consults to new businesses choosing to venture into tour operation.

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