What We’re Reading About … Disney’s Line-Reducing Plan, easyGuide & More

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Disney's Star Wars Galaxy's Edge
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From new ways to mitigate long theme park lines to new travel restrictions to Cuba, these are the top stories team Arival read this week.

Overtourism was in the news again, this time regarding the Louvre, which saw upwards of 10 million visitors last year.

And notably, Google announced the shutdown of Google Trips. Making us wonder what Google’s plans for travel are next.

Give these important articles a read:

EasyGuide Launches Tours and Activities Shop, Uses Handy easyJet Branding

European booking platform easyGuide expands offerings for tours, activities, and attractions—and uses easyJet’s distinctive branding … Read More on PhocusWire

Disney’s Star Wars Land and the Future of Theme Park Lines

The one thing missing from Disney’s new Galaxy’s Edge theme park? Long lines, thanks to a novel timed-entry system … Read more at Theme Park Insider

The Louvre Closes As Staffers Strike and Demand Solution to Overcrowding

The world-famous Louvre shuttered its doors for a day after security personnel went on strike to protest the volume of visitors … Read more at Hyperallergic

Google Kills Its Trips App, but its Tours & Activities Ambitious Are Just Getting Started

Google announced the shutdown of Google Trips, an app that aggregated your travel information into one place … Read More at ArsTechnica

Trump Administration Bans Educational and Recreational Travel to Cuba

It was fun while it lasted. The Trump administration recently imposed new travel restrictions to Cuba on U.S. citizens, including a ban on “people to people” cultural trips … Read More at PBS

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