Google quietly rolled out a trial run of its new Things To Do display for attraction business listings. We took a close look at a number of listings, and this soft launch is a bit rough around the edges. It shows just how hard it can be — and how much there is to do — even for a tech giant like Google in our sprawling, complex industry. Here’s why, and what you need to know
The tours and activities ad-spend testing by the search giant has long been expected and is hardly a game-changer, for now. The bigger question for operators is what’s going on with Reserve.
The industry will look vastly different at the end of this crisis, so you must prepare your business for when we come out on the other side.
Google’s quiet announcement to roll Reserve with Google into the travel group may signal the company’s longer-term objectives for tours and attractions.
What’s Google up to? This exec gives the lowdown on the search engine giant’s big plans for the in-destination industry.
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It was only a matter of time. The search giant has already made major inroads into travel with Google Flights and Hotels. It was inevitable that they would start to look at travel’s third-largest sector: Tours, Activities & Attractions.

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