Arival Guide to Airbnb Experiences

A no-nonsense guide to help tour and activity operators assess if they should list, how to list, and how to succeed on Airbnb Experiences.
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Tour, activity and attraction operators should pay attention to Airbnb. The company has become one of the largest online travel sellers in the world, it recovered faster than most amid the pandemic, and it closed out 2020 with the biggest initial public offering of the year.

Although the company’s tours and activities segment, Airbnb Experiences, is relatively small with about 40,000 listings (vs. 5.6 million active accommodations),  Airbnb has had a big impact. 

Arival has partnered with Indie Travel, which provides software to help tour guides, experience hosts, and small operators manage their business, to provide this free, in-depth, and impartial guide. The Arival Guide to Airbnb Experiences helps tour guides, experience hosts, and tour and activity operators assess whether Airbnb Experiences is right for them and, if so, how to list successfully on the platform. 

Airbnb Experiences Is Small Today, but Will Only Get Bigger

Airbnb Experiences may be small today, but the company has given every indication that it remains committed to the business. Airbnb’s recovery and growth will outpace the rest of the travel industry. Hundreds of millions of travelers book accommodation through the site. Operators of tours, activities and attractions should consider Airbnb as an important new channel to add to your overall distribution strategy to reach their large and growing customer base.

Look Before You Jump

However, it doesn’t mean you should just jump right in. Airbnb operates differently from other OTAs (online travel agencies). This Arival Guide explains what types of activities the company is looking for, how the business has evolved and where it’s headed. 

Arival’s Guide to Airbnb Experiences will help you determine 

  1. If Airbnb Experiences is a good fit for your business
  2. What to know before you apply to list
  3. How to apply and what to expect
  4. How to be successful on the platform

Arival is committed to providing valuable and impartial information to the in-destination industry. We do not advocate that you or any operator list with Airbnb or any other OTA. We only recommend that you have all of the information you need to make the best decisions for your business. 

Get Your Arival Guide Now

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