A Distribution Explainer for Tours, Activities & Attractions

Distribution in tours, activities and attractions is fragmented, complex, and there’s way too much jargon. So we’ve tried to make it simple. Get our short guide with terms, definitions and very readable diagrams
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Setting a distribution strategy, finding the right partners, and getting reseller arrangements set up shouldn’t be this hard. But it remains one of the biggest challenges facing tour and attraction operators worldwide. 

We held our Arival October Insider Pro Meetup for members and it was clear just how many questions and challenges even very sophisticated, savvy industry professionals have to contend with when it comes to distribution. 

So we have prepared this short Arival Guide to the Distribution Landscape for Tours, Activities & Attractions. This short Arival Guide provides an up-to-date overview of the distribution landscape with clear, easy definitions for each distribution channel. The chart below shows all of the major components of the distribution landscape, and the full guide walks through each of these companies with clear explanations. 

A Distribution Explainer for Tours, Activities & Attractions Arival Douglas Quinby

The guide also features several diagrams for how operators, or supply, connect to customers through various channels. 

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • What are the major distribution channels in tours, activities and attractions
  • Clear terms and definitions for each channel, connectivity methods, and the different operator segments
  • How the different parts of the distribution chain work together and connect
  • Example companies from each major distribution category
  • Key trends in distribution channels from 2019 to 2021 for tours and attractions

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