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Taka spent a total of 12 years in North America and travelled to over 40 countries. Though his travel experience, he noticed that local culture and tradition, which he calls “beauty”, were mostly found in local region and this also applies to Japan. This is where the concept of Beauty of Japan came from and he launched the company in 2014 as unique experience program booking platform.

Prior to start up his own company, he was a business manager at SONY looking after car audio business in the US and also he was in charge of Energizer business in Japan. After extensive marketing and business management experience in consumer electronics industry, he dived into the travel industry.

After 4 years, Beauty of Japan not only became one of the largest booking platforms in Japan, but also became a bespoke DMC (Destination Management Company) to provide all the land arrangement services. In addition to DMC function, Beauty of Japan offers a consulting service to local governments in the area of tourism and program development to support their inbound tourism. Beauty of Japan recently signed a contract with Ministry of Environment to become an official partner of National Parks of Japan, develop tours, and promote the area.

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