John Sharpe

Founder & Owner, Riverlife


About Me

One of Queensland’s most innovative and successful adventure entrepreneurs, John Sharpe “Sharpey” is a Brisbane-based adventure and events tourism operator and visionary. Since founding Riverlife Adventure Centre in the City’s Kangaroo Point Parklands in 2004, John has established himself as a small business leader, forging economic growth and industry excellence through his many tourism attractions.

Recognized for his business acumen at the highest level, he is the primary stakeholder, founder/cofounder, designer, constructor or operator of several multi-award-winning companies. On many levels, John stands as a role model for all those who come within his sphere. The outcomes and benefits of his endeavors are significant and community-wide. Through Riverlife and his passion for outdoor recreation and adventure, John lives his dream and generously shares it with others.


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