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CEO, City Unscripted

City Unscripted

About Me

Nick Whitfield is the founder and CEO of CityUnscripted, a travel experience business dedicated to helping travelers build a genuine connection to a city and its people like they have when they have a friend living there.

CityUnscripted connects guests to vetted Local Hosts who know the city inside-out. They show them not only the top attractions but also the local areas and places of interest based on the guest’s preferences. They match guests with Local Hosts who share their interests and complementary personality traits. This helps form an authentic bond, akin to friendship, allowing for a richer understanding of the city through its local people, ultimately creating a true sense of belonging.

Nick has lived overseas in Africa and the Middle-East since he was 6 and traveled to 49 countries. He recognized that people make the difference to a trip and wanted to start a business that helped people make this connection.

He started out in finance, working at PwC and Cadbury Schweppes in London in M&A and Innovation and worked most recently in Investment Banking in the UAE before deciding to follow his passion and set up CityUnscripted believing that the conditions were right with people now more than ever craving human connection at a time when technology is, ironically, isolating people in greater numbers.

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