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Chris Torres has 26 years’ experience working in brand development and marketing, and he’s spent the last 13 years running his own company, Tourism Marketing Agency and his mission is a simple but challenging one… his wish to educate the tour, activity and travel sector on how to better acquire customers and grow their business through direct bookings.

Chris speaks at many tourism events worldwide, offering advice and guidance on how travel, tourism, and destination businesses can gain brand recognition and increase bookings.

Over 90% of Chris’ customers come from outside the UK (where he is based), working with some of the biggest players in the industry. This knowledge of international markets gives Chris and his team a unique insight into how destination businesses should market themselves internationally.


The Facebook Funnel for Tour & Activity Operators

Facebook has become a growing ingredient in the digital operator’s marketing stack, but how travelers use it, and how tour and activity operators must approach it, stands apart from other marketing channels. This workshop will explain how to set up a Facebook Marketing Funnel and show live examples and results.



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