Cecilia Leung

Founder & Chief Foodie Officer, Hong Kong Foodie Tours

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Cecilia founded Hong Kong Foodie in 2011 to share her passion and showcase Hong Kong and its food to travelers to her home town. A globetrotter and worldwide nomad, she believes food connects people and bridges cultures.

Hong Kong Foodie curates culinary journeys across different neighborhoods in Hong Kong, leading hungry souls from around the world to savor the city’s best-loved dishes. It partners with small, family-run eateries to showcase not just their artisanal foods and drinks, but the true Hong Kong stories behind their history and development.

Born and raised in Hong Kong, Cecilia has also lived in the US, Japan, and Singapore. She has traveled extensively to 34 countries (and counting), where she often mingles with people from nearby neighborhoods and gets them to introduce her to authentic local flavors.

Cecilia also brings a wealth of professional experience from her prior life in the corporate world. Her diverse career took her from media and digital advertising to management consulting, from bond trading to equity analysis, and running online operations for one of the largest e-commerce businesses in the Greater China and the Asia Pacific region. In her quest to understand local culture during her travels and connect with the natives she meets (and be able to order scrumptious local food), she has a knack for languages as well. In addition to native Cantonese and English, Cecilia speaks conversational French, Italian, Japanese and Mandarin.



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