Americans Plan to Splurge on Travel this Summer

“Half of Americans view indoor and outdoor attractions as safe,” U.S. Travel Association says
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Americans are planning to pamper themselves with a vacation this summer, with 44% saying they will indulge with travel, lodging and vacations.

More than half say they expect to splurge their cash, and 44% will enjoy their regained freedom by visiting restaurants or bars.

“At the height of the pandemic, seven and 10 American travelers viewed travel activities as unsafe,” Jamie Mageau, Director of Research Products at the U.S. Travel Association, told the Arival Spring Into Summer conference

“The good news is we’ve come a long way. Now close to half of American travelers view indoor and outdoor attractions as safe. This is pretty much the reverse from where we were a year ago.”

Unable to travel, shop, or enjoy leisure activities, and with fewer commutes, the pandemic has boosted many people’s coffers. 

In the U.S., household savings are estimated to have grown by 2.3 times in 2020 when compared to 2019.

However, 24% of people say that personal financial concerns are stopping them from getting out on the road. 27% said that the cost of travel was a barrier.

Many U.S. travelers have already booked their trip

Americans Plan to Splurge on Travel this Summer Arival Ben Finch
Beach vacations will be the most popular for American travelers — Joël de Vriend / Unsplash

77% of Americans are planning to travel in the summer, with 30% saying they have already made a reservation.

“U.S. consumers were able to save more than twice as much in 2020 as 2019, translating into $1.6TN more in savings. 

“Demand from high-income households, and roughly half of the savings increase, will be the key to the strength and speed of recovery. 

“As a result of that, consumers are preparing for a great splurge heading into summer.”

“Luckily for us travel is at the top of the list of activities that US consumers want to splurge on and 2021.”

Most travelers expect to visit a beach, small town or rural destination. One quarter say they will visit a city.

Almost one-third plan to do an outdoor activity, with one quarter saying they will visit a museum or theme park. 21% will visit a museum, and 17% an attraction.

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