Airbnb Experiences: Key Metrics

Just how big is Airbnb Experiences? Here are a few key metrics from Arival’s new report Inside Airbnb Experiences.
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Airbnb Experiences has grown remarkably on the supply side from its launch in 2016 with 500 Experiences to more than 40,000 by the end of 2019. In advance of the IPO, Arival undertook an expansive data capture of all discernable Experiences listings on Airbnb to assess the structure and size of the business, identify the dynamics of product listings, and determine what makes a successful Experience on Airbnb.  Here are a few notable statistics.

Airbnb has nearly 41,000 active Experiences listings across 93 countries and more than 2000 cities and destinations. This represented significant supply growth from 2016 when the company launched with some 500 listings. By comparison, Airbnb reported 5.6 million home listings as of September 2020. 

Airbnb organizes Experiences under three category tiers. There are more than 500 total categories and sub-categories. The categorization appears somewhat disorganized, with some overlapping categories across the tiers. This reflects the very fragmented nature of the tours, activities, and experiences sector and the ongoing challenge among industry players to categorize the vast array of experience types. 

Airbnb Experiences: Key Metrics

Active Listings>40,000
Total No. of Reviews>1.2M
Categories & Subcategories>500

Inside Airbnb Experiences

Airbnb Experiences could play a major role in the future of Airbnb’s business and for the tours, activities, and attractions sector. Get Arival’s report Inside Airbnb Experiences to delve deeply into data and analysis on nearly 41,000 listings and more than 1.2 million reviews.

 In this report, you will learn about the following:

  • The size and structure of Airbnb Experiences
  • Key trends by region and Experience category
  • The structure of the Experience host community
  • What drives the Experiences business
  • Key weaknesses and challenges facing the business
  • Key dynamics of successful Experience listings

Click here to learn more.

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