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Arival Report: The Multi-Attraction Pass

Publication Date:
April 2021
This report examines the size and growth of the multi-attraction pass market, identifies the key players, reviews the impact of COVID-19, and examines the trends in attraction technology and distribution that are redefining passes for the future.
Castle - Germany - Arival 18-01-2021

Industry Outlook: Tours, Activities & Attractions in 2021

Publication Date:
April 2021
Arival continues its coronavirus pulse tracker of the in-destination industry. This readable research presentation presents an updated industry outlook and key trends all creators and sellers of tours, activities, and attractions should monitor as the global travel industry gradually recovers.
Tour - Adventure - Rockies - Kayak - Arival 18-01-2021 at 16.56.28

Arival Report: The Future of Multi-Day Tour Operators

Publication Date:
May 2021
This Arival report tracks the size of the multi-day tour market, examines key trends in distribution and technology, and the key trends redefining the multi-day experience as the tourism industry recovers from the global pandemic. 
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An Arival Industry Insights Study

The Multi-Day Outlook: How Digital, Distribution & the Recovery Will Define the Future of Multi-Day Tours & Experiences

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