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by | Jun 3, 2019

The list of online travel resellers in Tours, Activities & Attractions is long and constantly changing. At Arival we’ve been hard at work compiling them. So here is your compendium of more than 60 companies selling online or electronically through partners. It’s imperfect, but still a great starting place to understand the landscape, and hunt for new distribution partners.

We’ve organized all of these companies into several categories:

Major global brands. These are often referred to as OTAs, or online travel agencies, but some of these are not true online travel agencies. They may not offer flights or hotels, or they may do more B2B sales (sales to other businesses, such as Hotelbeds, which sells mostly to travel agencies). So we are avoiding the commonly used OTA acronym.

Regional and Other Online Sellers: These are smaller online sellers or companies that focus on a particular region (e.g. Civitatis on Spain and Latin America), companies that focus on B2B sales, such as BeMyGuest in Singapore.

General OTAs that sell activities highlights OTAs whose main focus is transportation or accommodation but may do meaningful sales of tours, activities and attractions. There are likely many other OTAs we should list here. Please let us know if you see a company missing.

Attraction ticket specialists focus on – yes, you guessed it, attraction tickets.

Locals, Guides and Peer-to-Peer Experiences are online sellers connecting travelers with local residences or directly with guides in the destination.

The last category groups other online sellers focused on a particular Activities Niche or sub-segment, such as Adrenaline’s focus on adventure activities.  

Below is the list of companies. The full downloadable list includes the markets or regions each distributor focuses on under Regional Focus. So if you are seeking to tap into the Asian or Latin American markets for example, this list will help you identify those OTAs serving those customers. That full document also includes convenient links to their supplier sign-up pages, where we could find them.

Have a look. We’ve compiled this through time-consuming manual labor, and we’ve undoubtedly missed a few. So tell us what we’ve missed, or mistaken. Email Douglas at



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The Almost Ultimate Directory of Digital Distributors for Tours, Activities & Attractions

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