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Imagine if we worked out our minds like we work out our bodies. Imagine the growth.

In 1997, I quit my corporate job to follow my dream of living on an island and opening my own business.

I’ve always believed that if what you want doesn’t exist, create it. Don’t settle for what’s out there.

I live in Key West, FL with my rescue dog Jax. My passion is to make a difference in peoples lives by living the best life possible. Jumping into as many fun and crazy experiences as possible, having fun and sharing my experiences. Living Life.

I wrote my book Millionaire in Flip Flops for a few reasons 1) I had something to say, to share that I felt could help others. 2) I was a D English student and 3) my English teacher in 10th grade used to make fun of me. I believe that it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are at something, you don’t let it stop you from doing it. If you only did things you were good at it would make for a boring life.

My in business, life, fitness and anything else I do (because the way you do anything is the way you do everything);
1) If it doesn’t exist, create it
2) The answer is “yes”, then figure out how to make it happen
3) The Time is Now

We’re our own worst critics so get out of your way and live life. #makingmemories

I released a follow up to my book called The Take Action Work Book. It’s a collection of action plans that have been the most effective for me in my journey. I use this workbook as the base for my Workshops on the Water, a one day workshop to help you create the life you want to live.

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