Marc Cortese

Tour Guide & Experience Creator

Secret City Trails

About Me

At the end of the day, being a tour guide is about creating experiences that will last long after the tour is over. On my tours in Venice (which I started organizing in 2015) I tried to mix the cities history, it’s present, and it future all into something personal and spontaneous. My goal was to create for my guests a surreal memory that years removed would still bring to mind the ‘I can’t believe I really did that’ feeling.

When I heard about Secret City Trails I immediately knew that the company fell in line with my vision of what travel experiences should be all about. A company that turns cities all over Europe into giant game boards meant to be explored and played (while subtly slipping in history and local culture as well) sounded like an experience I would sign up for. Since then I have been a game creator for Secret City Trails in northern Italy and plan to expand game creation into other areas in 2021.

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