Kok-Fatt Lee

Deputy CEO at Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the Bay

About Me

Strategic Change Management – Defining the market, products, and outcomes based on opportunities, resources, and aims of an organization. Analysis of performance, identification of gaps, determining root causes, and change management.

Financial Analysis – Creating value through financial structuring to reduce the cost of capital at both project level and corporate levels. Operational value creation through managing economic drivers.

Supply Chain Finance – Working capital management and financing. Value add through process re-engineering to reduce working capital and positioning working capital for financing by the party with the lowest cost of capital within a supply value chain.

Fiscal Policy – Public Financial Management, Revenue and Expenditure projections, and Fiscal planning.


  • International Trade & Customs Valuation,
  • Trade and Regulations
  • Public Sector
  • Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Accounting Business
  • Process Management


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