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Co-founder & CEO, Checkfront


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Jason Morehouse is Co-founder and CEO at Checkfront, the leading independent booking management platform for tours and activities. Before launching in June 2010, Jason played a key role in building several successful e-commerce companies, including Netconcepts, Vendorama, and RevenueWire. After living in both New Zealand and Vancouver Island — destinations known for travel experiences — he decided to combine his skills in technology innovation and love of outdoor adventure to create something exciting and meaningful.

At the time, he found it challenging to book things to do with his family — whether for a trip or weekend activity. Facing email forms and PayPal buttons, or calling within office hours, he saw an opportunity for a solution. He wanted to simplify the booking process, make it more convenient for the consumer, and meet the unique needs of the operator. So, he started building the product in his basement and became one of the first to take tour and activity software to the cloud.

Jason has grown Checkfront into a talented team of 70 plus in Victoria, Canada who shares the same love of travel and tourism. With over 5,000 operators in 128 countries, Checkfront processes over $1.5 billion in bookings annually. Inspired by operators and their passion for delivering exceptional experiences, Checkfront strives to support them every step of the way.

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