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How travelers are planning and booking cultural site and monument visits in 2021–2022
How travelers are planning and booking wellness visits in 2021-2022
This short Arival Guide provides an up-to-date overview of the distribution landscape for travel’s third-largest sector
How travelers are planning and booking amusement park visits in 2021-2022
How Day Tour Operators Can Adapt to the New Traveler Path to Purchase
This Arival report gives an overview of the multi-day tour marketplace, covering market size and trends on product, distribution and technology
A no-nonsense guide to understanding the attraction pass market and help tour, activity, and experience operators assess if multi-attraction passes are right for them.
An updated 2021 comprehensive market overview and vendor list for mobile self-guided tours: How tour and activity operators can leverage self-guided tours in travel’s recovery.
Arival undertook an expansive data capture of all discernable Experiences listings on Airbnb to assess the structure and size of the business, identify the dynamics of product listings, and to determine what makes a successful Experience on Airbnb. 
Statistics, Benchmarks and Strategies for Creators and Sellers of Tours, Activities, Attractions and Experiences

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