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Bucket lists are more likely to play a part in travelers’ decision making to visit a cultural site or monument than fame, new Arival research has found
How travelers are planning and booking cultural site and monument visits in 2021–2022
With new investors and sales rebounding, the attraction ticket reseller is seeking to refresh the brand post-pandemic and enter new markets
Skepticism of virtual tours may be widespread but Prague City Adventures have seen success even if the market shrinks as travel returns
“Are tours and activities still sexy?” Phocuswright asked. How else could the panelists answer but yes?
Getting to grips with both off- and online distribution is one of the most important things an operator can do
At the Travel Innovation Summit Seville, travel’s recovery is patchy but well underway
Overall earnings fell short of analyst expectations, but experiences and dining revenue is four fifths of 2019 as Steve Kaufer announces he will leave Tripadvisor
New custom trip OTA Baboo says it will connect travelers directly to local experts and cover carbon footprints
Travelers are planning their spa and yoga much further in advance as drop-ins vanished during the pandemic
How travelers are planning and booking wellness visits in 2021-2022
As the world tries to come to an agreement on the climate crisis, here’s steps that operators can take to become more sustainable
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