The Multi-Attraction Pass (2021)

A no-nonsense guide to understanding the attraction pass market and help tour, activity, and experience operators assess if multi-attraction passes are right for them.
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Multi-Attraction Passes (MAP) offers tour and attraction operators the opportunity to find new customers – both local and international – that they may not have considered or be able to reach themselves. But there are important caveats to this proposition.

Striking up the right relationship with a MAP provider could give operators a boost in both footfall and revenue and a new customer base at this challenging moment for the industry. Still, each business has to decide for themselves if such a partnership is right for them. 

Arival’s Guide to Multi-Attraction Passes will help you determine:

  1. What are MAPs, and how they work
  2. How to decide if your attraction is right for a MAP pass
  3. How to identify, contact, and start a collaboration with a MAP provider in your city
  4. How to make the most out of your partnership with a MAP provider

Arival is committed to providing valuable and impartial information to the in-destination industry. We do not advocate that any operator list with any of the MAP providers featured in this report. We only endeavor to give you all of the information you need to make the best decisions for your business.

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Table of Contents

Why Read This Arival Guide?

MAP Market Overview

The Size of the Market

  1. Terms & Definitions

What is a Multi-Attraction Pass and How Do They Work?

The other reason travelers buy passes: flexibility

The MAP Market, COVID-19, and What’s Next

Questions to Consider before Becoming a MAP Supplier

  • Is my tour, attraction, or experience suitable for a MAP scheme?
  • Where does your attraction fit in your market – and in different passes?
  • Can the commercial terms work for my attraction?
  • Can MAP providers help my post-Covid recovery?
  • What does the typical MAP customer look like?
  • How many MAP customers are you going to get?
  • Will MAPs bring me new customers or compete for my existing customers who would book direct?

Conclusion: To MAP or Not to MAP?

DIRECTORY: Profiles of the major pass providers

  • Leisure Pass Group
  • CityPASS
  • iVenture
  • The Sightseeing Pass
  • Bandwango
  • Turbopass
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