Is Your Tour or Activity ‘Authentic’ Enough for Airbnb?

by | Nov 7, 2018

Should Tour, Activity & Attraction operators list on Airbnb Experiences?  We asked Airbnb directly what they looking for, how it works, and what’s next for the online accommodation behemoth.

Arival CEO Douglas Quinby speaks with Ricardo Ulivi of Airbnb.

Should they list their tours or activities on Airbnb Experiences is a question many operators are asking?

At the Arival conference in Las Vegas, Ricardo Ulivi, Head of North American Operations for Airbnb Experiences sat down for an Ask Me Anything chat with Arival CEO Douglas Quinby. They discussed what Airbnb is looking for from businesses that market tours, activities, and events.

Airbnb has already achieved unprecedented growth in the accommodation marketplace, with over 5 million unique places to stay in some 80,000 cities. In 2016 they entered the experiences market to try to provide in-destination events for their travelers.

“Today we’re more focused on intimate experiences where you can establish an authentic connection with the host,” Ulivi says. “A lot of our group sizes are 12 or less, even our concerts are intimate. … It’s any [operator] who has some level of perspective or some level of participation on the experience.”

In this extended interview, Ulivi explains the types of tours and activities Airbnb is after, what makes a successful Experience, and how they are addressing the unique needs of tour and activity operators, such as cancellation policies, allowing multiple guides to be listed, and licensing and insurance requirements.

Watch the entire interview below:



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