Get Out in Front on Health & Safety

The Traveler Sentiment Wave from Longwoods and Miles indicates it’s about more than just health and safety
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The One Reason Why Every Operator Must Get Out in Front on Health & Safety

Of course, we all need to put health and safety first, not just as businesses, but as human beings. But one key data point from the ongoing Traveler Sentiment Wave study conducted by Longwoods International and Miles Partnership makes clear that it’s about much more than safety. 

It’s also about giving travelers the confidence to get out and experience. 

The study asks travelers what precautions they are looking for travel businesses to take as they consider their travel plans. The safety factors most important to travelers are a clear cleaning and hygiene plan, use of masks, and personal protective equipment (PPE), and steps to ensure physical distancing. 

But what most stands out from the research is this: just 8% of travelers said they “plan to participate regardless of any health and safety measures implemented” by the travel provider. 

Operator Takeaway

Tour, activity, and attraction operators must over-communicate on their own health and safety plans. Each operator should have a clear, easy-to-understand plan of the steps they are taking. Those steps should be prominently listed on your website and, where applicable, on-premises. 

Have a clear and convincing health and safety plan is the first step to giving concerned travelers the confidence to step back out and experience your tours and activities safely. 

This notice on the website of the Georgia Aquarium immediately appears when you go to the attraction’s homepage. 

Get your copy of the Traveler Sentiment Wave research by Longwoods International and Miles Partnership here. (It’s free.)

Download your copy of the Arival Reopening Survey.

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