G Adventures Launches Day Tours. What Does This Mean For In-Destination?

The multi-day, multi-destination sustainable operator recently launched a day tour arm of the business. Here are the key questions we have.

by | Nov 20, 2019

Now in its 29th year of operation, the multi-day tour company G Adventures will start to offer day tours.

Based in Canada, G Adventures is well known for being a proponent of sustainable, responsible travel, offering tours across the world including a suite of products created in partnership with National Geographic. 

With their new initiative to offer half-day or day-long adventures, the operator is tapping into the fastest growing part of travel: the in-destination industry of tours, activities, attractions, events and experiences. 

G Adventures says they are working with many of their existing operator partners they use on their multi-day tours for their day tours, which are available in eight cities, and range from classic experiences such as walking tours to unique experiences such as Peruvian horse shows.

The recent news conjures big questions: Is there a future opportunity for you to partner with G Adventures? Will branded, multi-destination tours start to gain traction with travelers seeking a standardized experience? Is sustainable and responsible travel an increasingly important factor to global audiences?

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