FareHarbor’s Gift Card Initiative and Other Good Things This Week

Amid the toughest of times for our industry, there are lots of good things happening. Here are five that caught our eye.

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by | Apr 23, 2020


FareHarbor Launches Consumer Site to Promote Gift Card Purchases. The reservation system company, part of Booking Holdings, has launched I Will Travel Again, a consumer website to promote gift cards and help operators generate some revenue in the short term. Currently, the website offers about 4,000 gift cards from operators using FareHarbor around the world. Travel is a tough sell right now, but we certainly applaud the initiative.


While the tour operator world has put a lot into virtual tours, Urban Adventures General Manager Tony Carne has launched a not-for-profit initiative to help the families of local tour guides. A Letter from the World enables families to connect with other families around the world, not via Zoom, but through letters. That’s right, actual letters. Families share experiences, recipes, and games through letter-writing between children. We think we could all use a little more offline activity right now. You can read more here, and you should.  


Japan’s Fun Group, which specializes in local sightseeing tours and activities, has raised 1.26 billion yen ($11.6 million) in a Series B financing from JBC Holdings. Congrats to the Fun Group team. Great to see confidence in our sector in otherwise very tough times. 


Museum Hack went from $2.8 million per year to zero in 3 days. Well, this headline may not sound good, but the way Museum Hack CEO Tasia Duske lays out what the company has gone through, how they pivoted, and how they are focused on the future is a lesson for all of us. This short read is worth 10 times the amount of time it will take you to read it. 


For all the pain this current pause in tourism is causing, it is also an opportunity for us all to reconceive a new future for in-destination experiences. And this Arival Berlin speaker, Luca Perfetto, co-founder and CEO of Worlding Hospitality Solutions and Florencetown, has done just that. His thought-piece on a better future without overtourism is well worth your time. 


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