Arival Launches Podcast Partnership With Tourpreneur

You’re busy. That’s why Arival is making our theater session audio recordings available via podcast in partnership with Tourpreneur.

Arival is excited to announce a new initiative to bring you another way to digest our conference content—while on the go. 

All theater sessions at Arival conferences are video recorded. (Here is a video list of the past Arival Bangkok 2019 conference theater sessions.) But you have a business to run. You’re busy. That’s why we’re offering the audio-only version of these sessions, ideal for listening during your morning commute, while walking your dog, while exercising or while cooking dinner. We hope these recordings are a seamless way for you to digest our business-building content at all times of day—even if you’re not in front of a computer. 

We’re partnering with the in-destination podcast Tourpreneur, hosted by Shane Whaley, to help us distribute these recordings. 

To listen, download Tourpreneur from wherever you get your podcasts, and keep an eye out for episodes that feature the Arival logo. (And make sure you listen to Whaley’s interviews with tour operators from around the globe on how they built their business, what makes them tick, and what keeps them going when the going gets tough.) 

From CEOs in the hot seat to tour operators like yourself sharing their stories, listen to game-changing interviews at Arival Bangkok on Tourpreneur’s Arival podcast series.

Like what you hear? Join in the global operator community, the integral networking, and the legendary parties at Arival Orlando 2019 to hear from the biggest brands and brightest minds in the industry. Register before September 16, 2019 to score Last Chance To Save ticket pricing for the event!

















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