Why This Tour Company Employs Homeless People As Guides

Invisible Cities hires tour guides affected by homelessness. Here, founder Zakia Moulaoui talks about the impact of giving someone “a first chance.”

by | Dec 2, 2019


Every tour operator wants their tours and experiences to have an impact. But Invisible Cities in the UK, Scotland, seeks to be transformational for its guides as well as its guests.

Founded in 2016, this company trains individuals affected by homelessness to become guides and lead alternative tours—now across four cities. At ARIVAL Orlando 2019, Invisible Cities founder Zakia Moulaoui shared her vision for making the invisible visible, and how tour and activity operators can step up to have a social and local impact. (A big thanks to Geotourist, provider of audio guides for smartphones, who helped make this talk possible.) 

Watch the above video, and stay tuned for more speakers who use business as a force for good in upcoming conferences, including ARIVAL Berlin 2020, 1-3 March.



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