Watch: Will Travelers Book Multi-Day Tours Online?

Will multi-day travelers really spend thousands of dollars in one click?

by | May 13, 2019

It’s commonplace for travelers to book day tours that last only a few hours online. But multi-day tours that can cost upwards of $5,000? Historically customers have been hesitant to book such complex, committing tours without talking to an agent in person or on the phone. But that’s starting to change.

At Arival Berlin 2019, Travis Pittman, CEO of TourRadar, discusses how he and his team are making booking multi-day tours online the norm. From sharing the importance of investing in marketing videos (not just photos) to understanding the challenge of answering traveler questions without facilitating the transaction on the telephone, Pittman shares how TourRadar is making the unbookable, bookable.




















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