Watch: The Power of Passion (Plus Some Hawker Chicken & Rice)

Operator Karni Tomer shares her passion, purpose and hunger for the street food of her adopted country and how it propelled her business forward.


How in the world does an Israeli journalist arrive in Singapore and within a few short years develop one of the most talked-about food tours that’s featured by the Singapore Tourism Board? In this funny, inspiring talk presented at Arival Bangkok 2019, Karni Tomer, founder of Wok ‘n’ Stroll Culinary Adventures, shares how she became obsessed with sharing the gastronomic paradise of Singapore with travelers. 

Food is just one aspect of her tours, however. Tomer gets most excited about highlighting the people behind the food cart, the food producers who uphold the hawker center culture of Singapore.

Learn more about Wok ‘n’ Stroll’s story of passion and purpose by watching the above video.

















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