Steven Edwards


AAMP Agency

About Me

My goals are simple…I want to build the biggest and best Marketing Agency in the Tourism industry. I want to continue to build a team of the best and brightest marketing superstars to serve tour operators near and far.
I want to continue to build tour operations that please guests, deliver amazing experiences, and further prove that the AAMP marketing strategy works.

-I embrace what I don’t know or have not learned yet. I am not scared of the fire. I am not afraid of the hard work

-I dont care about the credit, I just want to win

– I truly believe in the 10X theory

-Grant Cardone is a sales genius, if you don’t know who he is, your competition is probably beating you.

-I drank the Kool-Aid

-“Everything in life is a sale, and everything you want is the commission”

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