Matt Berna

Managing Director of North America at Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel

About Me

Matt Berna started his career in travel as a tour leader over 25 years ago, fully appreciating what it takes to deliver an exceptional travel experience. In his tenure within the travel industry, he has worked with some of the world’s leading tour operators to develop and grow their travel portfolios, from student groups and hiking trips to more cultural and luxurious itineraries. Matt has held several roles within the Intrepid Group family of brands since 2008, most recently as General Manager of Global Sales for PEAK DMC – the destination management arm of Intrepid Group – during which time he worked with Intrepid Travel and other tour operators to create, innovate and deliver travel itineraries around the world. As the Managing Director of North America for Intrepid Travel since October 2020, he oversees Intrepid’s direct and industry sales strategies in North America, as well as continuing to grow the region’s B2B white-label sales. Additionally, Matt has oversight of the development and operations of Intrepid’s North American-based trips, which includes domestic travel options as well as traditional Intrepid tours for international visitors.

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