Evan Reece

Co-founder & CEO at Liftopia


About Me

Evan co-founded Liftopia in 2005 in San Francisco. Prior to founding Liftopia, Evan worked in the hotel vertical at Hotwire, part of the Expedia Group. Evan and Liftopia introduced revenue management and dynamic pricing based e-commerce to high volume ticketing businesses to drive pre-sale volume, improve financial and operational predictability, and increase overall revenue. Liftopia’s Pricing Services are available through Cloud Store, the only webshop for ticketing based on a foundation of pricing services and data, as well as via API to be used in other e-commerce systems. Liftopia’s Pricing Service and Cloud Store are used by over 125+ partners selling everything from ski tickets to water park tickets to memberships and passes. Liftopia’s technology also powers Liftopia.com, the largest marketing and distribution platform for ski ticket products, rentals, lessons, and other mountain experiences. Evan and Liftopia built the industry-standard revenue management ticket pricing model on top of a proprietary dataset and analytics platform, while delivering a high return on marketing spend for their partners.


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