The Multi-Day Tour Marketplace (2021)

This Arival report gives an overview of the multi-day tour marketplace, covering market size and trends on product, distribution and technology
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The global multi-day tour operator market is a large, diverse and — until the pandemic — rapidly rising segment of the global leisure travel industry.

This report provides an overview of the global multi-day tour operator marketplace, covering market size (pre-Covid) and structure, and key trends on tour product, distribution, technology and more.

Who is This Report For?

Tour operators, distributors, technology and marketing services providers, and industry analysts seeking to understand the global multi-day tour industry and the key trends defining its future. 

What You Will Learn

Market and Tour Development

  • The size of the market, to help you understand the opportunity and where your business fits in
  • Key tour trends to help you identify new product opportunities and ensure your current offers are staying in tune with traveler trends
  • An overview of the different operator business types (outbound, inbound and group)

Marketing & Distribution

  • Key trends in marketing and distribution to help operators plan their distribution strategy and assess key opportunities and threats 
  • An overview of the OTA landscape and the rise of custom trip-planning OTAs 
  • How DMCs are changing to become direct-to-consumer businesses
  • Why operators do — and do not — work with OTAs


  • The state of technology adoption among operators
  • Tour operators’ top considerations when choosing reservations technology

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Table of Contents

  1. Report Introduction 
  2. Key Terms & Definitions
  3. Overview: Six Trends Redefining Multi-Day
  4. Size & Structure of the Multi-Day Market
  5. Post-Pandemic: Market Outlook
  6. Evolution of the Multi-Day Experience
  7. Multi-Day Tour Tech
  8. Multi-Day Marketing & Distribution 
  9. Multi-Day OTA Landscape

Report Methodology

Arival conducted an online survey of multi-day tour operators between February and April 2021. We received 864 qualified responses with broad representation from operators based in the U.S., Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, and LATAM. Arival also conducted more than a dozen in-depth interviews with multi-day tour operators and distributors.

This report was fielded through the following partner organizations:

Insights Partners

  • TourRadar
  • WeTravel

Association & Media Partners

  • Adventure Travel Trade Association
  • Leisure Group Travel
  • National Tour Association
  • Student & Youth Travel Association

Fielding Partners

  • Evaneos
  • GroupCollect
  • Intrepid Travel
  • Kimkim
  • Reposite
  • TourAmigo
  • TravelStride
  • Wildebeest Agency
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