Insights Deck: Why Tours, Activities & Attractions Are Online Travel’s Next Big Thing

A big-picture overview of in-destination’s online future.

Here at Arival we frequently talk about the potential of tours, activities and attractions for online growth. But just how sure are we that the third-largest and fastest-growing sector of travel will continue to gain digital momentum?

Well, we’re pretty darn sure. 

At the Web in Travel Japan & North Asia 2019 conference, Arival CEO Douglas Quinby presented convincing data indicating how in-destination is well on its way to becoming an online travel powerhouse, despite continued skepticism from some travel pundits. Here are a few key metrics:

  • “Things To Do” online travel startups have raised a whopping US$1.2 billion since 2017.


  • While most travelers book hotels online 2-4 weeks in advance, over 50% of tour, activity and attraction bookings happen 1-2 days in advance, suggesting that mobile booking is becoming increasingly popular—and important—in this sector.


  • Most travelers say they shop for and book their trips online versus offline already.

Flip through the presentation slides below to further explore how tours, activities and attractions are the next frontier in the online travel space. 

















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