How to Design an Award-Winning Tour

Simone Gozzi, CEO of City Wonders, tells us what it takes to earn one of TripAdvisor’s highest awards.

It takes more than just a good tour to win TripAdvisor’s coveted Travelers’ Choice Award. For Simone Gozzi, whose company City Wonders recently won TripAdvisor’s Top Experience in the World, developing deep relationships with attractions, using excellent tour guides and paying attention to every detail of the guest experience is key. 
Titled “Faster Than Skip-the-Line: Vatican, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica Tour,” City Wonder’s tour stands out partly thanks to virtually zero wait time to get into the Vatican—which typically has wait times that can slog on for hours.
We caught up with Gozzi at Arival Bangkok 2019 to get his advice on crafting an award-winning tour. Watch the above video to learn more. 

















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