How This Operator Expanded to 7 Cities Across Europe

Co-founder of Devour Tours shares the ups and downs of building a successful business. 

by | Dec 26, 2019

Growth in most companies is hardly a straight line up. It is more like an adventure course with plenty of downs as well as ups. In this operator story told onstage at Arival Orlando 2019, James Blick shares the lessons learned from Devour’s tours and detours since its founding in 2012 to its expansion to seven cities across Europe.

Devour Tours initially launched to help support Madrid’s small, mom-and-pop food shops and cafes that were struggling. By highlighting such culinary producers—and helping them share their unique stories and recipes with travelers hungry for unique, authentic experiences—Devour helped preserve the cultural mosaic of the city. Here, Blick shares how this model was replicated in other foodie destinations. Give this video a watch!

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