Dynamic Pricing: What Is It, and Why It Matters

How the Moulin Rouge grew revenue through dynamic pricing, and what it means for you. 


Sébastien Hourcaillou, IT & Yield Manager for the Paris-based Moulin Rouge, had a problem.

The occupancy rate for each of the Moulin Rouge’s two shows per night sat at a high 98 percent. That’s great, but the attraction’s capacity for growth was stalled. How could the Moulin Rouge maximize profits per seat?

Hourcaillou turned to the hotel industry for answers, and utilized the concept of dynamic pricing to grow.

Watch Hourcaillou present at Arival Berlin 2019 to learn what dynamic pricing is, how the Moulin Rouge implemented yield management and dynamic pricing, what the back-end IT challenges are, and understand the realities and myths of pricing and yield management—and what it means for your tour or attraction.




















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