Since March 2020, Arival has been tracking the pandemic’s impact and outlook for our industry. Take a few minutes to complete our latest trends survey on recovery and planning for 2021-2022.
A no-nonsense guide to help tour and activity operators assess if they should list, how to list, and how to succeed on Airbnb Experiences.
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As the pandemic put the brakes on international and long-haul travel, backyard and domestic adventures have come to define tours, activities, and attractions in 2020.
According to Arival’s latest Recovery Survey, the business outlook for operators is improving despite the steep drop in revenue.
TrekkSoft’s latest Travel Trend Report, in partnership with Arival, explores the major themes defining the in-destination industry in 2020-2021
Reports on the summer season coming in from across our industry range from the exceptional to the exceptionally depressing. These two charts say it all.
Since early March Arival has been tracking the impact of the pandemic on tour, activity, and attraction operators worldwide. Take a few minutes to take this study update, and we’ll share the results with our industry.