Vox City

Tour Guide System


‘Vox City Walks’ is a whole new style of walking tour. Expert local hosts provide a hop-on hop-off style touring service on a circuit of exciting routes around the city, that are engaging, enjoyable, and safe. They’ll bring the city alive with fascinating storytelling and anecdotes while sharing insider tips, information, and assistance as you stroll. If you’d prefer to listen in your own language, rather than English, then the app will provide a private multilingual audio experience through your own device.

With Vox City Walks, you can join or leave an escorted circuit whenever you please and enjoy unlimited self-guided sightseeing. This unique audio and navigation functionality enables you to explore the city on your own, discovering hundreds of urban sights along many suggested itineraries and walking routes. Simply switch on the autoplay function and explore in your own way and at your own pace. It could not be easier!

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