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Parisducktour offers a 3 in 1 experience: anHybrid Minibus tour 12 Pax, a boat tour on the Seine River for example (The most beautiful avenue in Paris!) And a guided and commented tour. Embark for example in front of the Chateau de Versailles then drive through the Parc de Saint, we get into the water in Sèvres, and we drop you off at the Pont des Arts, you are in Paris!

Amphibious boats were created by the Americans during World War II, to land on the beaches of Normandy and in Asia. We use very modern and small format replicas. We have over 11 years of experience in river passenger transport. We are part of slow tourism, we take the time with you.

We have slipways access in Paris, In Chantilly, In Fontainebleau, in Chambord and soon in Strasbourg / Metz / Nancy


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